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##  Key could be verified via a test request
##  The provided key will be available for this R session
##  Add `STATCUBE_KEY_EXT = XXXX` to "~/.Renviron" to set the key
##   persistently. Replace `XXXX` with your key

If saved tables are present in STATcube, those can be imported without downloading a json file. All saved tables can be shown with sc_table_saved_list().

               label                                             id
1  meineErsteTabelle str:table:16f39429-8a1b-4593-a129-d5c646368f0f
2 meineZweiteTabelle str:table:e4e1b473-32c4-42b4-a67d-18169af557cc

Subsequently the id of a saved table can be used to import the table into R.

tab <- sc_table_saved("str:table:16f39429-8a1b-4593-a129-d5c646368f0f")

Keys and accounts

Tables are always saved to the logged in STATcube account. The API key is bound to an account and can only list the saved tables from that account. Saved tables from other accounts can not be listed or requested.

Converting saved tables to JSON requests

To make the table available for later use or for other users of STATcubeR, the response can be exported into a json.


The generated json file contains an API request that can be used in sc_table().

my_response <- sc_table("tab.json")

Default Tables

Most STATcube databases have an associated default table. Those default tables can also be loaded with sc_table_saved().

#> Working hours (Labour Force Survey)
#> Database: deake005 (STATcube)
#> Measures: Average hours actually worked per week, Average hours usually
#>   worked per week
#> Fields: Time section <1>
#> Request: [2024-04-18 10:07:22]
#> STATcubeR: 0.5.0

All available default tables as well as other saved tables can be discovered using sc_schema_catalogue(). See the schema article for more details.

# A data frame: 674 × 2
   id                                             label                         
   <chr>                                          <chr>                         
 1 str:table:7f851bfd-4bc0-4cc7-9013-e3c7982c9842 Monitoring                    
 2 str:table:defaulttable_depeopleml              Standardtabelle / Default tab…
 3 str:table:defaulttable_dedemo                  Standardtabelle / Default tab…
 4 str:table:E-A_nach_Bundeslaendern_dedemo       E-A_nach_Bundeslaendern_dedemo
 5 str:table:Jahre_nach_NUTS_dedemo               Jahre_nach_NUTS_dedemo        
 6 str:table:defaulttable_dekonjunkturmonitor     Standardtabelle / Default tab…
 7 str:table:defaulttable_dewatlas12              Standardtabelle / Default tab…
 8 str:table:defaulttable_dewatlas1               Standardtabelle / Default tab…
 9 str:table:defaulttable_dewatlas4               Standardtabelle / Default tab…
10 str:table:defaulttable_dewatlas6               Standardtabelle / Default tab…
# ℹ 664 more rows