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Functions to get/set the STATcube API keys and make them available for calls against the STATcube API.


sc_key(server = "ext", test = FALSE)

sc_key_set(key, server = "ext", test = TRUE)

sc_key_get(server = "ext")

sc_key_prompt(server = "ext", test = TRUE)

sc_key_exists(server = "ext")

sc_key_valid(key = NULL, server = "ext")



A STATcube API server. Defaults to the external Server via "ext". Other options are "red" for the editing server and "prod" for the production server. External users should always use the default option "ext".


Use sc_key_valid() to verify the key? If the key is invalid, an error is returned and the key will not be set or updated.


(string) An API key. To display your key, call sc_browse_preferences().


All functions return the key (invisibly) except for sc_key_exists() and sc_key_valid(), which return a logical() of length one.


  • sc_key(): forwards to sc_key_get() if the key is already present. Otherwise, sc_key_prompt() will be invoked.

  • sc_key_set(): can be used to pass the key as a parameter (string)

  • sc_key_get(): returns the key, if it exists. Otherwise, an error is thrown.

  • sc_key_prompt(): prompts for a key via readline()

  • sc_key_exists(): returns TRUE if a key was set and FALSE otherwise.

  • sc_key_valid(): performs a test request and returns TRUE if the key is valid and FALSE otherwise.