Create a reactable table that highlights missing values and imputed values with the same colors as histMiss()

tableMiss(x, delimiter = "_imp")



a vector, matrix or data.frame.


a character-vector to distinguish between variables and imputation-indices for imputed variables (therefore, x needs to have colnames()). If given, it is used to determine the corresponding imputation-index for any imputed variable (a logical-vector indicating which values of the variable have been imputed). If such imputation-indices are found, they are used for highlighting and the colors are adjusted according to the given colors for imputed variables (see col).


x_IMPUTED <- kNN(tao[, c("Air.Temp", "Humidity")])
tableMiss(x_IMPUTED[105:114, ])
x_IMPUTED[106, 2] <- NA x_IMPUTED[105, 1] <- NA x_IMPUTED[107, "Humidity_imp"] <- TRUE tableMiss(x_IMPUTED[105:114, ])