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This package introduces new tools for the visualization of missing and/or imputed values, which can be used for exploring the data and the structure of the missing and/or imputed values. Depending on this structure of the missing values, the corresponding methods may help to identify the mechanism generating the missings and allows to explore the data including missing values. In addition, the quality of imputation can be visually explored using various univariate, bivariate, multiple and multivariate plot methods.


## Install release version from CRAN

## Install development version from GitHub


The core functionality of VIM can be categorized into two groups

  1. Imputation functions such as kNN() and hotdeck() implement techniques to replace missing values with imputed values.
  2. Visualization functions such as histMiss() or barMiss() provide extensions of common base graphics which use a special way of highlighting missing and imputed values. For more details, see the visualization vignette.

Additionaly, datasets are included to showcase the functions mentioned above. Other functions provide tabular aggregations of missings and visualization of spatial data.

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