Customize weight-updating within factor levels in case of numerical calibration. The functions described here serve as inputs for ipf.

computeLinear(curValue, target, x, w, boundLinear = 10)

computeLinearG1(curValue, target, x, w, boundLinear = 10)

computeFrac(curValue, target, x, w)



Current summed up value. Same as sum(x*w)


Target value. An element of conP in ipf


Vector of numeric values to be calibrated against


Vector of weights


The output f will satisfy 1/boundLinear <= f <= boundLinear. See bound in ipf


A weight multiplier f


computeFrac provides the "standard" IPU updating scheme given as

$$f = target/curValue$$

which means that each weight inside the level will be multtiplied by the same factor when doing the actual update step (w := f*w). computeLinear on the other hand calculates f as

fi = a · xi + b

where a and b are chosen, so f satisfies the following two equations.

∑ fi wi xi = target
∑ fi wi = ∑ wi

computeLinearG1 calculates f in the same way as computeLinear, but if f_i*w_i<1 f_i will be set to 1/w_i.